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What Is Twitter Marketing And How Can We Use It To Promote Our Products?

To define Twitter Marketing, we must first define what is Twitter. 
Actually is a micro-blogging social networking site. It is micro because you are limited to sending text messages or "tweet" up to 140 characters only. Jack Dorsey, created Twitter on March 2006 and is based in San
Francisco, California, USA. It gained global support with over 500 million registered users as per 2012 statistics. In this web page we are going to discuss what is Twitter all about and discuss the ways to effectively use it in promoting your online business.

Actually, Twitter Marketing is more than a "tweet". It is being used as a networking tool to spread out your presence in the internet online business.  It is a common mistake by many to send messages right away to people to visit their websites without even developing any rapport on the site. The truth is, Twitter is not a traffic generation source. This type of using Twitter is not going to give you a positive result. 

To explain further, Look at Twitter as a social gathering or a party that you have been invited to. Expect that people you know only a few in that party and your tendency is to find the host and have them introduce
you to others, then slowly begin to mingle with others to make new friends. 

Under this scenario, it would be improper to mingle with a group and start to directly promote your product. I am sure no one would listen to you and their reaction most likely is to go away from you. This is pretty much so in Twitter. It requires getting their trust first before they will listen to you. So, what are the most effective ways to use
Twitter to generate leads, visitors to your site and eventually sales conversion. 

How do you get started? The very first thing you need to do is to sign up with a Twitter account. Then start preparing for your business marketing plan. So, here is my recommendation:

1) Set up your ultimate goal. Bring your targeted market to your landing page or your sales pitch page. 

2) Create a page or several pages that give people information which will lead them to your pitch page or affiliate page. To advertise directly will not result a positive result. An intermediate step is necessary before you drive them to your order page. You can do this in
several ways. Create a free report, a review of the product, write or outsource articles, video or all of them combined. These strategies are going to be very effective if it is done regularly.

Here are some ways to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool:

1) Do not spam. Avoid blasting the same "Special Offer Promo" message over and over again. Remember, Twitter is a social site and is not primarily intended for direct selling.

2) Build a good relationship first you promote your product. Once you have their trust, they will be the one to ask for your product.

3) Build  your friends quickly but carefully.

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July 26 2013   by Negosyante
Twitter is the newest craze in the internet marketing industry. Even though there are other marketing strategies that exist, this new marketing method is working wonders. Those who have a Twitter account can achieve great advertising results in very little time with just a small investment of thought and work. So what exactly makes Twitter an effective marketing tool? It’s a tool that gives you the freedom to try out various ways to reach out to your target audience.
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